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November 22, 2020

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I’ve always enjoyed stopping to just… look more closely at fine details around me. Flowers and insects have been a common subject. I’ve never really invested in macrophotography beyond what you see here, but it’s something I’m considering.

In my new job, I am on the phone & zoom a lot. Many calls are “walk-n-talks”, where the parties are all outside walking (Solvitur Ambulando, “it is solved by walking”).

On a glorious sunny afternoon up at my in-law’s place, I was meandering on their hillside, and I noticed a spot where a many trees had been sawn apart, in the endless cycle of treefalls every Oregonian understands. Nothing to see here… except I noticed the large variety of lichens, growing on the discarded bark. Lichens are ancient, symbiotic organism of algae and fungus; here are some interesting lichen facts. I decided to snap some photos for later reference.

Lichens & Moss on bark
Noticing the Details

A Universe of Forms & Textures

What struck me was what I observed to be at least three different structures the lichens had. Are they different lichen species? Or just variations of the same organism? The co-existence/competition with moss is amazing to explore as well.

Turkey Tails, Butler Creek Trail

I love how enterprising these are. Fallen log? Party time! I think these are called Turkey Tails (trametes versicolor).

These are of course nothing new to biologists, scientists, or other observant folk. I wanted to write this down as a reminder to first, stop and look. Take a moment, wherever you are (especially in nature, or in the presence of others), slow down, and just dwell on the details. Aspects of personality you’ve never noticed. Get closer, or ask questions. There are worlds — and rewards — waiting to be discovered, right in front of us.

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