Perseids Meteor Shower on Mt. Adams

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August 13, 2023

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My daughter Trinity and I camped near Mt. Adams, Washington to watch the Perseids meteor shower and explore the southern reaches of the mountain.

Several meteors visible at the top.
Perseids Meteor Shower on Mt. Adams

While the purpose of this trip was photography-centered, we tried to create time to just chill and explore on our own. For me that meant sitting on a boulder in a burbling creek for a spell.

Camping near Trout Lake Creek

We found a pleasant spot near Trout Creek, which was about as gentle and relaxing as it could be. I shot a few frames one morning, just sitting on a large, weathered boulder and enjoying the peace.

Perseids Meteor Shower

Every summer in North America, we have a chance to see the Perseids streak across the sky. We saw quite a variety of meteors, some leaving intense trails in their wake and a faint scar, like an echo in the upper atmosphere.

Milky Way

The Milky Way had moved over to the southern part of the sky when we set out, which in retrospect, was a missed opportunity. The Perseids weren’t peaking until 3 or 4am, so those were the priority. We decided to try to sleep until 2 or so before heading out to a broad clear cut area to the southeast of Trout Lake.


Right around the time the meteor shower was peaking, the thin crescent Moon rose in to the northeast, rising through what looked like some smoky skies, and drenching the lower horizon with gold mists as it shone through. The dark side was clearly visible, and it serendipitously lined up between two lone remaining pines in the field.

Trinity and I had fun shooting some photos of me in the road, painting the lines with our headlamp.

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